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Our You Tube Channel features our classroom movies.


You Tube Channel

Learn to Code!

In science activity class we are learning to code! Our next steps will be to program Dash Robots.

Do you want to learn to code? Try this website! If you work through each lesson (watch the videos too) you will learn how to code!

Lenea Martel Locker

Rollercoaster Websites Rollercoaster simulation Discovery Kids Rollercoaster Simulation




Music to use for LES News - free and no copyright

Lenea Martel

Welcome to SEARCH

at Liberty Elementary!



                               Achievement and





Square Dash
Blowing Bubbles with littleBits

DonorsChoose Project Needs Your Help!

I have a project on DonorsChoose that I would love to get funded! It's for Small Blue Blocks. These blocks are an awesome way for students to explore engineering and problem solving. Every donation is important - they all add up to help us fund the project. Donations can range from $1 - $5 - $10... really it's whatever you want to donate. And what's even more exciting, is that Craig Newmark Philanthropies is matching donations to our project! So when you donate $5, it's matched by Craig Newmark Philanthropies and becomes a $10 donation! (Match funds are only available for a limited time.) The link to our current project is here at DonorsChoose. Thank you for helping to bring awesome resources to our classroom! 

Welcome 2018-2019 School Year!

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! I've have a lot of exciting things planned for our year! We've already started using Eureka math and The students can work also on at home. We've started learning about local, state, and national government. During our enrichment time we've started working on stop motion movies. You can see some of our movies on our class YouTube channel. The link is in the left column of this web page.


I'm looking forward to a great year!

Mrs. Martel

Prodigy Math Game

We're using a new online math game in class called Prodigy and the kids are loving it! They may play at home or at school. We are using the free version. However, there is an option to purchase a membership to improve your characters looks and/or get in new rooms. This is totally optional and really not necessary for the students to be successful. Feel free to let them use Prodigy at home. The students will use their google email address to sign in. Here's the link to the Prodigy math game.

It's Chick Hatching Time

We had fertile chicken eggs to donated to our classroom by Blackberry Farmstead and today was the day for the hatching to begin! It was an exciting day in our classroom! You can see a video of one of the chicks starting to hatch on your YouTube channel. 

3D Printing!!!

We've been working with our classroom 3D printer and the students have used to design projects. Students start out with an idea and then shapes to make that idea come to life. Check out our 3D projects in the slideshow in the middle of our webpage!

Knitting Hats for Babies

Second grade SEARCH students have been busy knitting hats for babies at local hospitals. This project started last year and we were able to donate hats to Stephens County Hospital and St. Mary's Sacred Hart Hospital in Lavonia. This year we have continued the project and have donated hats to Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta and we are ready to donate more hats to local hospitals. Learning to give service to others has kept our fingers busy! 


We now have Chromebooks for our classroom and we are able to use Zearn daily to help us with our math instruction! Students with internet access at home are also able to use Zearn at home. The students have a user name and password. I have put the instructions for Zearn on the front page of each student's agenda. Students may work in Zearn as much as they'd like at home and we will work on it several times a week at school. I can monitor what they are doing and I can see where they need help.



We Have a 3D Printer!!!

We have a 3D printer in our classroom! We are SUPER excited and are trying to learn how to use it. We found a program that would print our drawings. We quickly drew a house and tried it out! Our first attempt was a success! Now we have so much more to learn. We've also printed a few 3D objects to learn how our printer options works. Stay tuned for more 3D projects!


Welcome to a new school year in SEARCH! We're off to a great start! We have started making stop motion movies during our enrichment time. Click here to get to our YouTube channel to see our creations!


Also check out our Donors Choose web page. You can help us get extra cool things for our classroom by donating to our projects. Every donation counts! Every dollar adds up quickly! Click here to go to Feel free to share our page with friends and family too!


We are now working on money. Students need lots of practice counting coins!!! Pull some change out of your pocket/purse and let your child add up the amount of the coins. Give them an amount (82 cents, 78 cents, 34 cents, etc.) and have them show you that amount in coins. Ask them to show you the same amount in many different ways. For example: 25 cents can be shown as just a quarter, 2 dimes and a nickel, 5 nickels, 2 dimes and 5 pennies, etc.


Here are some websites for money practice:

Counting Money

Money Bingo

Pocket Money

More Telling Time Websites

We are working on telling time in math. The second grade standard is that students will be able to tell and write time using analog and digital clocks to the nearest five minutes. Here are some websites to help the students practice:


Minute March


Telling Time

Hero Telling Time

Flip Time


Telling Time

We are starting to work on telling time. Second graders need to be able to tell the time to the 5 minutes. Below are some online games the students can play to help them practice.


Hour and half hour


Quarter hours


5 minutes

Hour of Code

In our classroom we are working coding! We are learning to write code while using our Dash and Dot robots. Students can write code at home using the website. There are several tutorials they can use on a tablet or computer. Follow this link for the Hour of Code/ website. Students do not need to sign in or give any personal information to use this website. Happy Coding!

Dash & Dot

We are working on writing programs to tell Dash (our robot) what to do. We are entering a competition through the Wonder Workshop website. We have to video our Dash robot following the program we wrote. These videos are uploaded to You Tube. You can find our videos at Mrs. Martel's You Tube channel.    

Welcome to the 2016 2017 School Year!

Our school year has started with lots of activities going on in the SEARCH classes! This past week we grew a snake in our classroom! Not a real snake! But it G-R-E-W! Check out the picture below of our snake. The chart paper in the back shows the growth of the snake over 6 days!snake 3.jpg


We are now working on money. Students need lots of practice counting coins!!! Pull some change out of your pocket/purse and let your child add up the amount of the coins. Give them an amount (82 cents, 78 cents, 34 cents, etc.) and have them show you that amount in coins. Ask them to show you the same amount in many different ways. For example: 25 cents can be shown as just a quarter, 2 dimes and a nickel, 5 nickels, 2 dimes and 5 pennies, etc.


Here are some websites for money practice:

Counting Money

Money Bingo

Pocket Money

Hour of Code!

We are participating in the Hour of Code along with students all across the world! We are learning about coding by using programs on the website. We have a special sign in page that students should use. For each lesson they will use a different web address.

For Star Wars use 

For Minecraft use   - not all students are set up in this yet.

Their user name is their first and last name with no space in between their name. I have given them a paper with their password on it. Students may also use these programs at home! Happy Coding!

Classroom Wish List

Our classroom is a busy place! We are working hard! We have a few items that we would love for our classroom. Check out our list below. Check back as we may update it as we think of other items we need.


1. Donations to Donors Choose - Don't like shopping? Well then any donation to one of our classroom projects on Donors Choose would be greatly appreciated! Any amount! from $1 - $10000000 is welcome. Donors Choose is an online charity that funds classroom projects. My teacher page on Donors Choose can be found at Sometimes there are codes that will DOUBLE your donation! Check with me to see if there are any codes available. Right now we have 2 projects on the website - one for Otterbox protectors for our iPads and the other for littleBits (littleBits are electronic building blocks with magnets to create circuits instantly. Students can configure the littleBits to create inventions that will complete tasks.)


2. We could use a couple of 5 Port Desktop USB Chargers to help us charge our iPads and robots! Here's an example I found on Amazon - but any multi-port USB charger would be greatly appreciated!


3. Notebook paper - we can ALWAYS use notebook paper


4. Tissues - we can ALWAYS use more tissues! TRUST ME on that! :)


5. Clorox Wipes - any disinfectant wipes will help us keep our classroom clean and nice smelling.


6. Cricket - a dozen crickets would be a great treat for our gecko!


7. Mealworms -  our gecko likes mealworms too and we are growing mealworms in our classroom. We like to watch their lifecycle!


8. Erasers - Did you know that something comes in our classroom each night and eats the erasers off our pencils? Just kidding - but the erasers disappear why more quickly than we use the pencils. We really like those pink, rectangular type erasers - like these:


Thank you for considering our wish list!

#GivingTuesday and Donors Choose

I use Donors Choose to fund projects for materials, supplies, and technology for my classroom. Today is Giving Tuesday and traditionally people donate to causes on this day. Maybe you are looking for a place to donate... well I have just the place for you! Donors Choose is a online crowd-funding charity that helps classrooms across the United States get items for the classroom. I have a couple projects on this page that I would love to get funded and Donors Choose has a special code today to DOUBLE your donation. If you donate $5 and use the code EVERYGIFTMATTERS at checkout, then your donation is worth $10 for our classroom. Donate $10 and use the code EVERYGIFTMATTERS and your donation is worth $20! Any amount you donate will be doubled at checkout with the code EVERYGIFTMATTERS. If you'd like to donate to our classroom, here are links to our projects:


This project will give our classroom math supplies.


This project will help us protect our iPads with much needed cases!


Thank you for considering our classroom for #GivingTuesday!

More Coding and Newsletter

Can you believe that the 1st nine weeks is already finished??? It flew by! A newsletter was sent home today with news and student work attached. There is also information about 2nd Grade Search Parent Day! You are invited to see all that we are working on in SEARCH on Friday, October 30. Parents can come visit our classroom at the following times:

Group 1: 8:15 - 9:15 am

Group 2: 10:00 - 11:00 am

Students will be demonstrating our Ozobots, Dash & Dot robots, coding apps, math, and more! We hope you can join us!

We started a new coding program today. Students can use this program at home on their computers and tablets that have internet access. The website is:

More Coding!!!

We're working on a new coding program. Students may access this program on the internet and it is also a free app you can download to an iPad or iPhone. The purpose is not to just "play" a game, but to really understand the coding commands. This will help us when we begin to use our Dash and Dot robots and Ozobot Blocky. Here's the website -

Robots and Coding in 2nd Grade SEARCH!

We have started using our Ozobots in our classroom! Students have learned how to create code with colored markers and static codes. They have also created code on the iPads for Ozobots using flash codes. Now we are moving to writing our own codes! Students have started to use the app/website at to learn the process of coding. It is ok for them to practice at home! We will be learning to write more complicated code as the year progresses. There are only 35 free lessons on Kodable. Students do not have to purchase more lessons, we are only using the FREE area!!!

Welcome 2nd Grade SEARCH

Welcome to the 2015 - 2016 school year! I look forward to working with the second grade SEARCH students this year. We are going to have an exciting year! SEARCH will run a little differently this year than it has in the past. Second grade SEARCH students will attend SEARCH class EVERY day for instruction in math and gifted enrichment. During math we will cover the 2nd grade Georgia math standards. During our enrichment time we will work on critical thinking, creative thinking, research and leadership. We will do group projects, learn how to program robots, become citizen scientists and more! I look forward to working with each of the students. Get ready for a great year!

Recycling Updates

Diamondbacks recycle! Do you? This week we recycled 125 pounds of paper and cardboard. Our average weekly total is 148 pounds and we have recycled a total of 887 pounds of paper since February 4!!!! WOW! That's a LOT of paper!!!

4/1/15 Today's recycling total is 154.6 pounds of paper for a total of 1041.5 pounds of paper since Feb. 4! We also recycled plastic bottles and cardboard today! Have you done YOUR part to help the earth today? Liberty Elementary has!

4/15/15 Today's recycle total is 236.8 pounds of paper for a total of 1278.3 pounds of paper since February 4! Our goal is to reach one ton by the end of the school year!

4/29/15 We did collect recycling last week because of state testing, so today's recycling was HEAVY! Today we recycled a total of 393.7 pounds for a total of 1672 pounds since February 4! We had two very heavy cans that weighed 71.6 pounds and 60.4 pounds! WOW! That's a lot of paper!!! We are almost at our goal of one ton!!!

5/6/15 We did it! We have recycled one ton of paper since February 4! Today we recycled 550.5 pounds of paper for a total of 2,222 pounds! That is amazing! How many trees have we saved?

5/13/15 WOW we did it again! We recycled over 500 pounds of paper today!!! We recycled 552.4 pounds of paper for a total of 2,775 pounds! We found out that for every ton of paper we recycle, we save about 17 trees! We also recycled 27.5 pounds of potato chip and snack bags!


5/19/15 OH MY! We had to call the Toccoa Recycling Department to come a day early to pick up our recycling because our cans were overflowing! Today we recycled 937 pounds of paper!!!  That gives us a total of 3712 pounds of paper since February 4! That's almost 2 tons of paper kept out of the landfill! YEA Liberty Diamondback!

Recycling News!

Thanks to a grant from we are now able to weigh our recycling each week. We started weighing the paper we recycle on February 4. Since then we have recycled 639 pounds of paper! That's 639 pounds of waste being kept out of the local landfill!! We also recycled some cardboard and plastic bottles. However, we currently do not weigh those items. Each week we will try to update this amount on our webpage. Stay tuned for more recycling news!


5th Grade SEARCH Science Extra Credit

Extra Credit

Create a game board that uses circuits. You need to also write a paragraph to describe how this game uses what we are learning in class. Use the appropriate science vocabulary too. You will be able to use the wires, batteries, and light bulbs in class to test your board.


Here are a couple YouTube videos that can give you ideas.

Makes a game like Operation -

Make a game board – You need questions and answers. Use it as a review of what we are learning in science. -  

Another game board idea - You need questions and answers. Use it as a review of what we are learning in science.  


Other directions for making game boards


Scholastic "Super Science"

Our class has a subscription to Scholastic's Super Science magazine thanks to generous donors from DonorsChoose! As part of the subscription there is an online version that the students can use. I have given the students the password. Here is the web address that they will need to get to the magazine. Enjoy learning about science!!